Q: When will my home be scheduled in?
A: We do the scheduling year round, it is a good idea to get a bid early but we can usually start work on your home within 1-20 days.

Q: What type of paint will you be using?
A: We at Weather Shield Painting are trying to do our part to GO GREEN and help the environment. We are delighted to note that we only use low VOC paint on our jobsites, and are proud to work with Sherwin Williams which is LEED-certified by the US Green Building Council.

Q: Are you guys able to paint even if I am not home for several days in a row?
A: Yes. Generally we just try to make sure there is a way to access the garage doors and home doors and anything else that needs to be open to become painted.

Q: How can I write a review for your website?
A: We encourage homeowners to review our work throughout the project and then submit a written or electronic testimonial to Contact@weathershieldpainting.com.
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